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June 7 Release day! Find How It Ends at your favourite bookstore and join the conversation online with the hashtag #howitends.

June 8 National Best Friends Day. Celebrate friendship with us by posting a photo of you and your bestie. Add the tags #howitends and #bestfriendsday to be featured on my web site.

June 11 Launch event at Indigo Books in Mississauga. Find all the details here.

June 17 I'll be signing books at Indigo Bay & Bloor along with Jenny Manzer (Save Me, Kurt Cobain) and Laurie Elizabeth Flynn (Firsts). Find all the details here.

June 18 I'll be appearing on a panel alongside five of my fellow Canadian YA and MG writer friends at the Canadian Writers' Summit in Toronto, Ontario. You can find the listing for our panel here.

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